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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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How can a hacker hack my Orkut account?
The answer to this question is already discussed in my previous post How to Hack Orkut.

But this post is meant for providing some safety measures to prevent your Orkut account from being hacked. There is not much you have to take care of. Just follow the simple steps and never get your orkut account hacked in your life.

1. Never try to login/access your Orkut account from sites other than

2. Never click on any links from the sources you don’t trust while accessing your Orkut account. (or while accessing any other Google services like Gmail,Blogger etc.)

3. Delete any links on your scrapbook, no matter if a known or unknown person have sent it.

4. Never disclose your orkut login details with anyone.

5. Never ever use Javascripts on Orkut, no matter whatever it claims to do. Get satisfied with the services provided by default! Avoid using third party Scripts which might be malicious.

6. Never get excited to see a site claiming to have 1000 cool orkut tricks for which you have to just log in to your orkut account. Don’t trust that site. That’s a Phishing site.

7. Never tick the box “REMEMBER ME” on the orkut homepage if you are surfing from a cafe or a public area.

8. Always remember to hit Sign out button, when you are done.

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GMail introduced a new feature recently, that is browsing mails offline. Today we are going to see how to do that.

First you need to install Google Gears, you can download the online installer from here

Run the online installer and it will install Google Gears on your system.

Now open your GMail and navigate to the settings and then to the Labs tab, there you will find a feature called offline, Enable that.

Thats it you are almost done, just a few clicks away. It will ask your permission to install offline access for GMail, click next.Then you get a Google Gears security warning, allow it.Click ok in the next window and you are done.It will download all your mails to your hard drive for offline browsing. You can see the status in the status window.

Have fun browsing gamil offline.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello friends, if any one is having any trouble regarding computer functioning,

you can send me a mail telling the same. I will find the proper solution for you problem.

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